Three Different Poems Of Mine

The White Horse

The White Horse Rode into his life,

no death is any better, any worse.

No respect for station or birth,

The White Horse will take your soul

for all that it is worth.

Our lives will never be reimbursed,

For The White Horse is always a curse.


Hell Fire

Night folds around me; sleep comes.

Wait, stairs appear before me. Why am I so drawn to them?

I am descending down, but I am gripped by fear.

Flames are all around me, but I seem to not care.

A path appears before me, opening with each step I take.

Demons of flame are dancing all around me, leading me into the unknown.

A flame-filled room appears. here, sitting on a large throne, is Lucifer himself

Fear grips me tightly, but boldness makes me ask:                                                                       “Why am I here, and what do you

want of me?” “You are in the place you ask to be.

I want to give you what you need.

When you are consumed by Death, Darkness, Pain, and Despair,

I will give you all you need and keep you here.”

The sun started rising up above, as I was awakened by a feeling of love.

Still, night will fall again.

Can I keep holding love in my heart, or will night bring Hell Fire once again?


That Baby, That Was Me


That baby, that was me, Then very threatening of my life was he.

Did he feel like a man? Guilt I could not see.

I said nothing, but could he not see, the wounding he did, to a child as young as me.

Perhaps, he couldn’t be the man he wanted to be.

As the crying continued, the step father laughed,

And said you will soon like this just like me.

During the death of my mind, a brick was put in my brain you see.

But as a result, love seems to always be close , but then it flees.