History Ebooks for Nothing or Next to Nothing.

I have looked into my 3,00 plus ebooks and have found a few great history books, that I forgot about. A smartphone or tablet and you can read.

Listed Here:

Ancient Egypt: The Egypt of Nefertiti {von Basten, T.D.}

The Writings of Abraham Lincoln: All Volumns { Abraham Lincoln}

The United States and Latin America {Latane, John Holladay}

United States Bill of Rights

Greek Women { Carroll, Mitchell }

There are many others too numerous to mention. Some are hard to get into, others are not. Looking on Amazon ebooks you will find alot of Historical Books of all types that fit your budget.

So many books to read and not enough time.

Reading of our past will help will our future, please give it a try. This is how you know who and what, to vote for.



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