The Always Broken Promises of Love



I thought we were the couple that could withstand all every time I inhaled I felt you steal it away with your love for me.
When we met I convinced myself my life of pain, neurotic lovers, and misery would finally be over.
You looked deep into my eyes that first night we made love and reassured me that you could never love again if I left.
I saw the world in a new light as cheesy as that might be.
You held me up when I needed an extra boost of strength.
When I walked in to the room your eyes never once looked anywhere else.
Every night you laid in my arms promising me a love forever.
I came home early from work to surprise you with my love for you.
I came through the door of my house and saw heels and a skirt flung on my living room floor and they were not mine.
I could smell the perfume distribution every where as I followed the pile of clothes upstairs.
I felt like I was walking to the death of my heart.
I opened the bedroom door and just in time to hear you say to her that if she ever left you there would never be love for you again.
I was unable to even speak as I just stared at you lying on top of her and looking into her eyes the way you looked at mine so many times.
I wanted to run over and pull you off of her and ask why you were hurting me so much.
I wanted to know what I could have done to make your love not be only for me.
I walked back down the stairs and out the door.
I got into my car and drove as I thought of your sweet promises.
I felt like there was a never ending sign on my forehead “dirt bags apply within”
I remembered your promise of how you would never betray my love the way so many others had.
I remembered all the lies every man had told me since I was sixteen.
I am here fifteen years later and nothing has changed except my age.
I drove even faster as my anger began to grow.
I told myself I would never be hurt again.
I drove so fast around that mountain road that I was almost able to convince myself the corner was not coming.
I spiraled my car over one hundred feet down the embankment.
The doctors said it was a miracle I was still alive.
Everyday I am grateful my death did not come that day.
I am alive and twenty years have pasted.
I write this tonight as the love of my life is by my side after fifteen years of marital bliss.
He rushed nothing and waited for me to heal physically and emotionally.
I an thankful every day I did not die and he had been driving behind me that day of the crash.
He never left my side and he is the true promise that will not be broken.

By Aimee Mallory