Writing & Money

Don’t think you will get rich off writing your first book. No matter what you have been reading, the odds are:

3 out of 10,00, and that is in Children’s books alone.

Is there hope, always. Harry Potter was no overnight series. The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings also weren’t either. Hard work and not giving up matter the most. Most famous authors except for a rare few, have not had overnight success, it just may seem that way from another writer’s view. Most readers also, don’t grasp the odds of an overnight success..


I only wrote this short blog, because of all the books saying you can become a writer, making a decent living writing books. I read a book on how to become a writer, even if you hate to write. Why would you want to write a book, if you hate to write? Writing should be more about passion, than money. Self help books don’t really fall in overnight success either, and wouldn’t you want to write a self help book on an issue dear to your heart.

Yes, we all need and want to make money, but face it, not everyone is overnight.


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