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Three Articles to Delete Bad Habits Forever

Crucial lessons from our Better Humans authors about deleting habits that hold us back so that we can then go on to reach our full potential.

Simulate Rock Bottom

Many people think they’ll rely on hitting rock bottom as a motivational strategy for prompting an important change. This does work for many people, but with the downside that you have to hit rock bottom (a painful moment for you and often the people around you).

Author Ryan Engelstad shares a technique from his therapy background: play the tape forward. You can often simulate rock bottom by simply imagining the side effects of your bad habit accumulating over future years. Do you have something you want to give up? Start with this technique.

Lessons from 10,000 People Who Gave Up Alcohol

Author Andy Ramage has led more than 10,000 people in the UK through a challenge to give up alcohol (OneYearNoBeer).

He broke down every single tactic, strategy and hack that was helping people in his community.

My favorite: use the excuse. A challenge like OneYearNoBeer gives you social cover. When your friends ask you why you aren’t drinking alcohol (or eating meat or coffee or sugar or watching TV), say “I’m on a 30 day challenge.” That’s almost always enough of an explanation.

Can’t Kick a Bad Habit? You Are Probably Doing It Wrong?

You are in the norm if you’ve ever tried to break a habit and failed. Our guidance to people in the community is that the failure rate is greater than 90%.

Does that sound demoralizing? Well, it’s even more demoralizing to expect success and then experience failure over and over. Think of breaking a bad habit as the ultimate challenge — it’s possible and you’ll be part of a special group if you achieve it.

And also, with more realistic expectations, expect that you will have to do a lot of work fixing and optimizing your habit breaking strategy. Author Nir Eyal gives you the most powerful strategies from the world of behavior science.

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