Help Ban Elephant Trophies from Zimbabwe!

Help Ban Elephant Trophies from Zimbabwe!

Last week, President Trump made it easier for hunters to kill imperiled African elephants in Zimbabwe and bring the trophies back to the U.S. Due to the overwhelming public backlash, Trump did put the decision “on hold,” but that hold is only temporary — the President could quietly begin issuing elephant trophy permits any time.

To protect elephants, the U.S. suspended elephant trophy imports from Zimbabwe in 2015 because the country failed to protect its elephants. Now, Zimbabwe is embroiled in political turmoil under a military coup, making it even more difficult for the country to take the necessary action to save this majestic species from extinction.

A “hold” is not enough. Tell President Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to completely revoke their decision allowing elephant trophy imports from Zimbabwe.

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Completely revoke decision and stop elephant trophy imports from Zimbabwe!

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